Revolution Strategic Marketing

Reasons to do business with us

  • We answer our phone during the day.
  • We are flexible to your needs.
  • We keep you updated on your order's production.
  • All of our customers are equally important to us.
  • We read every article we can get our hands on about the products we sell.
  • We subscribe to the trade magazines so we can keep up to speed the products we sell.
  • We ask questions of the manufacturer to understand the product better.
  • We take things apart in the shop to get hands-on knowledge of how a product works.
  • We talk to others in the trade to learn what works and what is a waste of our time.
  • We know how to select the right product for your needs.
  • We refuse to sell you something that will not work for you.
  • We have 50+ years of combined experience to draw from.
  • We make your product look better than you imagined.
  • We use the best material we can find to complement the products we print.
  • We explain what we're doing so you have an understanding of what's going on.
  • We don't skip steps to get done with your job quicker.
  • We will look for other signs of trouble that may also impact your order.
  • We accept credit cards for your convenience.
  • We will accept your personal check without having to give us 4 forms of I.D., your first born child and your soul....
  • We will explain your charges completely, to your satisfaction, because we have nothing to hide.
  • We will knock a few dollars of the bill if the situation warrants it.
  • We will not quote one price to get you to commit and then refuse to do the work unless you pay us more.
  • We will not quote you a higher price because you look like you can afford it.
  • We use real financial accounting to come up with our sales price rather than charging what "everyone else" does.
  • We know that the most expensive product isn't necessarily the best.
  • We will gladly quote you a firm price for the order rather then guessing "what it should be around".
  • We will let you shop around if you like, without holding it against you.
  • We will not pressure you into agreeing to items you don't really want.
  • We won't pressure you into ordering work you don't really need.
  • We don't have to charge you more to make up for the losses we've incurred on our previous jobs.
  • We will correct any mistakes we make.
  • We will inform you of any potential problems with your order when we become aware of them.
  • We will keep your order information on file so if there is a question about/or you want to re-order, we will have it available for you.
  • If you add all this up what you have is VALUE, which is what every customer is looking for.


OFFSET PRINTING/LITHOGRAPHY Offset printing provides high quality consistent printing at an economical cost.
has revolutionized the industry. The process makes it easier to bring to reality almost anything you can imagine! Bring your black and white or full color digital printing.

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Some of the most common projects where we flex our design prowess: Business identities Advertising materials Invitations & announcements Logos Tickets Branded office documents

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Build customer fidelity and expand your customer base with custom and imprinted products: T-shirts and screenprinting Loyalty pens and mugs Computer apparel Sports and outdoors Travel items Magnets

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BANNERS Long strips of cloth or vinyl bearing a slogan or design, often hung in a public place or carried in a demonstration or procession

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After we print your materials & communications to your customers, we can help you quickly and easily get them in the mail. Supply us with an excel sheet with names & addresses and we will do the rest.

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a little about us..


Opened in 1975 as PIP Printing, we joined forces with Liberty Graphics Plus in 2011, which opened in 1984 as American Speedy Printing.

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Originally based in Chapel Hill, Revolution Strategic has helped to promote businesses and their offerings since 2003.

Our Staff

  • Eric has 27 years of experience in corporate and entrepreneurial management. Having previously owned retail businesses, including a restaurant and child care center, he has learned all businesses are in the end service providers. Eric says, “if you train and empower your employees and focus on your customer’s needs, the business will run itself".
  • Corie has 22 years of experience in the printing industry. She manages all aspects of our organization. Corie has an eye for style and a passion to ensure every customer delivery is perfect to the smallest detail. She has a teenage daughter, who keeps her on the go from concert performances to sports activities.
  • Shannon has over 15 years experience in the print industry. She is a graduate of The School of Communication Arts in Raleigh with a degree in Computer Graphic Design. Shannon was born and raised in Durham. She is married and has 2 young active boys. She loves to garden, cook for her family and complete small DIY projects around her home.
  • Jeanine has 15 years in the printing industry and over 20 years in customer service. She completed her AAS in Commercial Art in 1996 and BA in Multimedia and Web Design in 2013. She grew up in Hillsborough and after 10 years away returned from Northern Virginia in 2010 to raise her two young boys in her hometown.
    In her free time she likes to draw, watch anime and read Science Fiction.
  • Janice has worked in the printing industry for over 38 years. She started Graphic Design in high school - “before computers”- winning the DECA award. Janice’s strengths are print design and digital technician. She is proficient on both MAC and PC platforms.
  • Gary has been in the printing industry for 21 years.
    He is a highly experienced press operator with an eye for detail.
  • James has worked in the print industry since 1989 and specializes in bindery, he can also be found helping our lead press operator.When he isn't working James enjoys swimming, fishing and hiking.
    James is a proud member of 4-H.
  • David earned a degree in graphic design at ECU and has been involved in pixel pushing for the past ten years. He enjoys creating on and off the computer & is the proud uncle of a 2 yr old genius fun boy he affectionately calls "lil guy".



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